ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

give me ideas, because i am lazy

1. I have the best friends EVER. You're probably reading this and smirking to yourself, thinking that your friends are superior, but honestly, trust me: they're not. In the international competition of who has the best friends, I HAVE TOTALLY WON. Give in to it, sucker.

2. I am kind of mildly freaking out about money. Not in the same way that I was worried about money last summer, in that oh-fuck-can-we-afford-to-eat-this-month way (for which I am profoundly thankful), but I am rather painfully aware that this is probably the last year that I will earn decent money for a while, which is kind of scary. I need to pay off my overdraft, and pay off my credit card, and end the year with enough money in my bank account to keep my loan payments ticking over. All of that is pretty doable. I also want to see my parents this year, because if I don't, by the time I see them next it will be over two years since I saw them last, and that is too long. The original plan was to go at xmas, but the cheapest fare around that time (which involves actually flying on xmas) is £800, and that is a fuckload of money. Then I found this courier flights site that offers flights from London to Sydney for £300, so I've decided (ish) that I'll just go at another time of year and take advantage of the cheap-ass flights, so, OK. And then I need around £450 for flights to Sudan, and then I will need enough dosh to fly to Australia at the start of 2007, and enough money to ship my stuff out (or to store it) and AAAAAAARGH. So help: how can I earn extra money? Make things and sell them? Write porn? Investigate corporate sponsorship for Sudan? Sell a novel? Phone sex? Seriously, if anyone has ideas as to how I could earn a bit of extra dosh, or save money on things like flights or international shipping, please for the love of god let me know.

3. In two weeks, it's Mark's and my six year anniversary. Awwwww, etc. On the above theme of saving money, I have decided (unilaterally) that instead of going out for dinner, I will cook us a sumptuous meal at home. The more observant of you will notice the flaw in my cunning plan: I Don't Cook, and yet I desperately want to do this myself. I know that many of you are accomplished cooks, so please, give me ideas! I need a starter, a main course and a dessert that are exciting, exotic, and not too nightmarishly difficult (normal levels of difficulty I can cope with, but I'm not making a souffle or anything). It would be particularly good if the dessert could complement a 1996 Tokaj, as we bought it in Hungary two and a half years ago and we really need to drink it otherwise it could end up embroiled in a bitter custody battle at the end of the year.
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