ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Beloved interbets, I need advice. On Tuesday I bought a fabulous pair of Irregular Choice shoes, which were intended to be my new work shoes (as my old flowery mary-janes from Faith are on the way out). They are flat and black satin, with the disturbing-yet-cute hooflike toe, and with birds embroidered down one side. They are loooooovely, but sadly they hate me, and wearing them for ten minutes on Tuesday brought up blisters the size of 10p coins on my heels. So how does one go about breaking in shoes, without causing oneself unnecessary pain and anguish? I brought them with me to work, and am now wearing them while at my desk, and on trips to the loo and the kitchen, so that they get used to the shape of my feet, but is that enough? I know you can get some sort of leather-softening stuff, but because the shoes are satin on the outside, I don't want to risk any staining or discolouration.


I also went shopping in H&M for summery linen trousers, because it's the only place I know of that does linen trousers for £15 or £20. I got three pairs, all of which I love, but can I just briefly ask WHAT THE FUCK IS UP with H&M's sizing? I am normally a pretty solid size 14, sometimes even squeezing into a 12, but the size 14 trousers from H&M were skintight, and I had to buy two size 16s, and (horrors!) a size 18 instead. I admit that I have freakishly gigantic thighs, and I like a loose-fit in my trousers, but still - what the hell? On the same shopping trip I bought an H&M skirt in a size 14, which fits me perfectly, and is even a little loose around the waist. Seriously: who do they design their trousers for?

On a positive note: there was a time when having to buy size 16 trousers - let alone size 18 - would have reduced me to a state of self-loathing and enforced starvation. On Tuesday, I just shrugged my shoulders and accepted that it was H&M's problem, not mine. Progress indeed.
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