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socmot requested ANONYMENTS for today, which as far as I'm concerned is great because I've got a lot of work to do and a job interview to fret about (t minus seven hours, god help me), and with anonyments it is up to YOU to provide the content!

So: you know the rules. This is a public post, anonymous comments are enabled. THIS IS YOUR CONFESSIONAL. Tell me your terrible sex stories, your awesome sex stories, who you're crushing on, who's crushing on you! Write a poem! Tell a story! Do whatever you like! This is a public post so feel free to share it beyond my f'list if you'd like to.

One request: please do not use anonymous comments to post anything unkind about anyone who might read this. But I'm sure we're all decent enough people not to do that.


On the request of ONE OF YOU WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS, I am deeming today Anon Comment Friday. (If I can work out how to enable anonymous comments on the new LJ update page, GOD.) Tell me things that make you happy! Tell me things that make you sad! Share your hopes, your dreams, your scandal! Write a song! Write a poem! Draw a picture in Paint and post it! Etc.

I am off RAFTING ON THE GODDAMN NILE around 4pm and need to work like a bastard until then, so I probably won't be checking in much - play nice, lovelies.


Shortest day of the year!

And for many of you, it's your last day of work! So how about some ANONYMOUS COMMENTS to liven things up?


ETA: Boo, does no one want to play? Will it just be me and the Japanese spammer? WHERE'S YOUR CHRISTMAS SPIRIT PEOPLE.

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Hello LiveJournal, I am in Georgia with slemslempike and jinxremoving! It is largely excellent and we are generally winning at Georgia. All sorts of lovely things have happened, including seeing LOTS OF INTERESTING THINGS, making our way very successfully on various forms of public transport, getting an overnight train from Tbilisi to Batumi and SHOUTING at men who tried to enter our compartment that WE WERE LADIES (turned out one of them was there legitimately, oops), adopting a dog for a day in Batumi, and driving through a flood on our way to the train station in Batumi this morning. We have also eaten various things largely (but not exclusively) composed of bread and cheese (I have also eaten an awful lot of offal), and attempted, mostly unsuccessfully, to go up a variety of structures (though we did successfully climb a tower yesterday). Oh, and we have wholeheartedly adopted the Georgian toasting tradition. Gamarjos!

However perhaps MOST EXCITINGLY we have had Collapse )

In conclusion, Clare and Nine are very good people to be around if your leg nearly falls off. The end.

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

It IS Friday! Would anyone like to do some ANONYMOUS COMMENTS? Secrets! Poems! Recipes! Pants descriptions! Crushes! Please no passive-aggressive point scoring!

Go go go!

Edit: Yeah, OK, I have no idea whether anon comments are actually enabled as LJ seems to have changed its layout around, or possibly it's because I'm using Opera. Anyone?

Edit 2: OK, anon comments are enabled but screened. I am working on it! Picture frantic behind-the-scenes activity, or at least as frantic as my feeble internet will allow.

Anonymous Friday

I am sat in the office/house waiting for the rain to stop so that I can actually go and do something (Southern Sudan basically grinds to a halt when it rains), but given that I am about to head out and be offline for much of the day, how about some ANONYMOUS COMMENTS while I'm gone? Tell me your secrets, tell me who you fancy, tell me what's good in your life and what's bad, tell me FILTHY SEX STORIES. Or ask me a question! If you want.



It's been a long time since I did this, so I have no idea whether it will still work, but it is FRIDAY and so how about some anonymous comments?

Friends! Let it all out! Share your scandal, your angst, your exciting news! Tell the internet who you fancy! Tell us what you dreamed about last night, what you had for breakfast this morning, what you think of the new coalition Cabinet (if you're British), how sick you are of hearing about the UK election (if you're not).

Please do not be unpleasant about anyone who is likely to read this, or I will magically come through the internet and smack you.

OK GO. Hopefully I will not be left alone with the Japanese spammer...

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I have no idea what to post about on LJ at the moment (everything seems to involve too much background and context), and am having a slow Friday (day-off plans foiled by ill couchsurfer, though I may go out shortly to read a book in a cafe or similar), so I am going to do this meme. I always assume that everyone knows everything about me, but maybe you don't.

The problem with LJ: We all think we are so close, but really we know nothing about one another. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

Have at it!

Hm, I will even make this post public, so that you can ASK ANONYMOUSLY if you want. Don't be evil though.

Transliteration fail

I have spent the last day or so uploading all my Morocco/Western Sahara pics to Flickr (I'm hypermobility there, as I imagine you all know). I still intend (...vaguely) to do a more substantive "and then I did..." post here about my most recent travels, but for now I am just going to share my favourite photo, from Taroudannt:

I do hope they teach you how to escape from a police chase, possibly while driving through grocery stands and scattering fruit all over the road, leaving the enraged stallholder shaking his fist in your wake. That's the sort of auto instruction I could really get behind.

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But look, what is the POINT of Dreamwidth? Why is it good? And what on earth does its name mean?

I don't mean to piss on everyone's bonfires, but isn't this just like a few years ago when everyone got Vox accounts and then promptly forgot about them?