ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Dear Cambridge people,

Just to let you know that I will be in Cambridge the weekend of the 23rd/24th April, for the Cambridge WordFest, which I am attending for the sake of plenty of fascinating talks and workshops, and not at all for the sake of advancing my languishing writing career, no really*. I shall be free Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and bits of Sunday, so should anyone wish to repair with me to a local hostelry, I would be most amenable. Furthermore, if anyone has, like, a floor or a sofa I could crash on, I would love you forever and ever.



*But, you know, I might just happen to have a copy of my novel in my bag at Susanna Clarke's reading, and then, as we're leaving the room, her elbow might lightly brush against mine, causing me to drop my bag on the floor, scattering pages everywhere. And in a desperate scramble to help me pick up my papers, her eyes might land on some of my words, and she might become still and silent with amazment as she is unable to look away from my mesmeric writing, until finally gasping out: 'my child - what electrifying prose! I must introduce you to my agent at once!' Or, you know. Something.
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