ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl


O internets, you are wise, and so I beseech you: what websites do you use to find cheap-ass flights? I generally travel on such a random basis that I am able to wait for sales or special offers, but for once I have specific travel needs: we are trying to get to Sydney around December/January time (nominally for xmas, though I'm considering flying on xmas if it'd be cheaper), and all the evil airlines bump their prices up alarmingly so that return flights to Sydney in December are over £1000. Bastard airlines! I just want to a) see my parents before fucking off to Sudan for a year, and b) show Mark a bit more of Sydney before we theoretically relocate there in 2007. Ideas?

Oh, and previously I've flown with JAL, because they were very very cheap, but they're not coming up when I search expedia or travelocity, and their website only allows you to book as far as Japan. Again, ideas?
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