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I don't think I ever mentioned that we're off to Barcelona for a long weekend next week. Hurrah! I am really, really looking forward to it because a) winter may have already FUCKED RIGHT OFF in Barcelona; b) Mark and I never see each other these days and so a weekend spent in each other's company will be good, and c) I haven't been to spain since I was 11 and went to Madrid with my parents. Today I booked a guesthouse and got an email from the owner asking if I needed directions. I said I did, and she emailed back: The bus from Girona arrive at "Passeig St Juan". So you're very close to my flat. Come by feet. For some reason I find 'come by feet' to be the single most amusing sentence I have ever read.


Today I am mostly thinking about heritage. I've developed a bizarre habit in the past six months or so of reading infertility blogs (some of which are impressively well-written), which developed into reading adoption blogs, which developed into reading trans-racial and international adoption blogs and um. I've always vaguely felt that if I did ever move from my NO BABIES EVER stance, I would pursue adoption, and probably international adoption at that; there are a lot of arguments out there against international (and trans-racial) adoption, some of which I agree with to an extent (as cangetmad once pithily said, "what gives me the right to raise some Southern woman's child?"), but some of them - those that claim it's cruel and wrong to take a baby away from its birth culture - seem to skate very closely to anti-immigration arguments that state that people are inherently different and would therefore be better off staying where they were born. ANYWAY. So I have been thinking about that, and then, on a forum where I lurk someone has just posted about finding out that her grandmother was part-Aboriginal, which is something I think about a lot: my maternal grandfather was mixed-race in appearance; various familial theories suggest that he was part Aboriginal or Polynesian. I'd like to find out more about his background, and then I wonder why I think it would matter to find out I have some sort of genetic connection to an ethnicity from which I am totally culturally cut off. So, yeah. If I were tabouli I would write a cleverly-phrased and insightful post about these issues, and if I were a cleverer version of me I would post an incisive poll about nationality and culture and ethnicity and heritage, but I can't think of the right questions to ask. So I've just done a massive brain dump and everyone should feel free to talk about heritage in the comments, please.


+ Clothes and stuff.

1. What do people tend to label you as (i.e., Chav (townie) Prep, trendy, punk, Goth, mambo, skater etc):
I have absolutely no idea, though certainly none of the above. Hippie? Boho? Something like that, possibly. (Insert rant here about the offensive nature of the word 'chav', and how I wish that people would stop using it.)

2. Do you choose to label yourself (if you do, what as?): No.

3. Describe your dress sense: Variable.

4. What are you wearing right now: Black boat-neck top with 3/4 sleeves, flouncy black knee-length skirt, black tights, nearly-knee-length flat black buckly boots that have barely been off my feet since I bought them a few weeks ago. Also, black lacy bra and black pants. Normally I am more colourful than this, though I do tend to dull-down for work. I also have my multicoloured tweedy coat, my pink stripy scarf, and my pink skull-&-crossbones bag which is my favourite thing EVAR.

5. What jewelry are you wearing: Big moonstone ring, black amber pendant.

6. What are you most known for wearing: Potentially offensive colours and patterns, probably.

7. Do you belong to a particular clique?: No. I have a lot of amazing friends, but not a clique. UNLESS...I sometimes wonder if I am part of a LJ clique. Thoughts?

8. Friends wise: Yes, some of my friends are wise. Seriously, what is this question supposed to mean?

9. What particular clothes style do you hate and why: Tapered-leg trousers - SO FUCKING UGLY. Tracksuits, or anything else that shouts 'I just don't care any more'. Visible branding. Overzealous use of beige or taupe. White shoes.

10. Describe your hair: Dark brown, straight with a very slight wave, thick and fine, chin-length, choppily layered. Shockingly enough, I actually like it today.

11. Do you take pride in your appearance?: In a way. I am always careful to look like me, though often this doesn't take a great deal of care or preparation, as 'taking pride in one's appearance' might imply.

12. Would you say you were straight, gay or bi?: Oh, I always have trouble with this question. Let's say: bi-ish, but in a long-term mixed-sex relationship and therefore reluctant to publicly claim bisexuality because hello, I benefit from heterosexual privilege and as such my sexuality is more or less irrelevant unless you're sleeping with me.

13. What is your attitude to gay relationships if you're straight?: All for it. What an odd question.

14. Do you know anyone who is gay or bi?: Shockingly, yes! The horror, the horror.

15. Who?: A lot of my friends, family friends and relatives.

16. Have you ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex?: I have kissed a number of ladies. It was very nice.

17. Are you currently in a relationship?: Yes.

18. If your answer is no, do you want to be?: N/a. I know it's impossible to say, but I don't think I would want to be if I wasn't.

19. Do you have a specific type in guys (or girls)?: Clever and engaging. I do have a distinct physical type when it comes to men, but it is very easy to override.

20. What kind of people will you NOT go out with?: Stupid people, boring people, closed-minded people, bigots, people unable to laugh at themselves, people who are cruel and unthinking, unadventurous people, dependent people. I am a little ashamed to admit this, but I think I would find it very hard to go out with someone who had very strong religious beliefs, or who was right-wing - those are two areas where the social and cultural differences between us would be very difficult to bridge. (I have gone out with a right-wing person in the past. I was quite often in a state of suppressed rage.)

21. What kind of people would you LOVE to go out with?: The opposite to the above, obviously. Top three things would have to be enthusiastic intelligence, independence and an ability to laugh at themselves.

22. Do you have crushes (if so, who are they :::describe:::): Yes. Fit Barman, Fit Barlady and Gael Garcia Bernal are top of my list at the moment.

23. What song makes you feel most romantic?: I'm not sure what's meant by feeling 'romantic'. Sexxay? Longing and wistful? Either way, I don't know, though trip-hop is good music to have sex to.

24. What’s your age limit (you won't go out with people older than)? I don't have one. However, I would have second thoughts about being in a relationship with someone significantly older than me, because my father is significantly older than my mother, and now that they are getting on I see how worried she is about losing him. Obviously there's no guarantee against losing a partner at any age, but it's the continual anxiety that would scare me.

25. Would you go out with people younger than you?: I expect so, though I never have.

26. Are you in love?: Yes, thank you.

27. Have you ever been in love with someone who wasn’t available to you?: Not in love, no, though I have had a few intense, unrequited crushes.

+ Music

28. What song are you listening to now?:
Nothing at the moment.

29. Name 6 of your favorite bands and singers: Right now: the Bulgarian Women's Choir, Girlyman, the Hilltop Hoods...some other people, probably.

30. How often do you listen to music: Daily.

31. How would you describe your music taste: Random and wide-ranging.

32. Is the music you like a strong representation of you and your personality?: Yes, for I am also random and wide-ranging.

33. Can you sing, or are you in a band?: I can sing, and I'm in a choir.

+ Favorites

34. Favorite Films (list a minimum of 3):
Right now: Baraka, City of God, the Motorcycle Diaries.

35. Favorite T.V shows (list 3): Don't watch television. I like Buffy, though. Also the League of Gentlemen.

36. Favorite Drinks (list 3): Fresh juice of any kind, gin, water.

37. Favorite Ethnic Food (Don't just put down "Chinese".. what specifically..): Sashimi.

38. Favorite Snack Items (list 3): Gherkins, rye bread, crackers with vegemite.

39. Favorite Books (include authors): Anything by Angela Carter, Stet by Diana Athill, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, An Intimate History of Humanity by Theodore Zeldin, The Last Magician by Janette Turner Hosital. &c.

40. Favorite Drawing Medium (i.e. Pencil, Pastels, Conte, Charcoal): Felt tip pens, coloured pencils.

41. Favorite Cereals (list 2): Weetabix. Um.

+ Family Friends

42. Do you have a big family?:
Small nuclear family, large extended family.

43. Who are you closest to?: Parents.

44. Do you get on better with your mom or your dad?: Both in different ways.

45. Do you get along with your siblings?: More or less. We don't see much of each other. I like one more than the other.

49. Who was the last friend you hung out with, and what did you do?: Sarah, Nich and Dave last night. We went to the Man Ho (heh heh) for dinner, and then to the Orange Tree for cocktails, but Fit Barman wasn't working. Woe.

50. Who was the last friend you chatted with on the phone?: I don't do 'chatting on the phone' if I can possibly avoid it. It was Anne, last week.

51. Is there one particular thing you can do with one friend that you can't do with any of the others?: All of my friends have their own niches. Some are Naked Friends. Some are Travelling Friends. Some are Drinking Friends. Some are something else entirely. Some manage to straddle multiple groups. Some have niches so carefully carved that only they can fit into them.

52. Who can you tell all your secrets to?: I could probably trust most of my friends with almost anything, but there are certain things that I will always choose to keep private from everyone.

53. Who was the last friend you were annoyed with and why?: Probably Anne, for STILL going on about her ex, over a year after they split up.

54. Which friend do you share most in common with?: I have different things in common with each.

+ Random questions

55. Do you have a mobile phone?:
Yes! I would be lost without it, because I am flaky and disorganised.

56. Who make is it?: It's a Nokia someone.

57. What do you use it for?: Phoning, texting, taking pictures.

58. Who is the first person listed in your phone: Aaron, who doesn't exist but was entered into my phone because I keep forgetting to lock it and it will randomly call someone from inside my pocket, and Aaron doesn't mind that, because he's not a real person. Adnan is the first real person, and I don't know him well, though I used to get a lot of confused text messages from him saying : 'um, did you just try to call me?'

59. What’s the situation with the weather right now, where you are?: Overcast, but not oppressively so; getting warmer.

60. Do you like rain?: I like heavy rain, especially if it's warm. I generally just like my weather to have variety.

61. What time is it?: 15:14.

62. What are you having for dinner?: No idea - I'm going out for dinner with one of my ex-bosses. The only thing I'm sure of is that copious amounts of wine will be involved.

63. What are you going to do tomorrow?: Work. Booo.

64. What was the last movie you watched?: Monster's Ball on Monday night.

65. What are your favorite names?: Ratko. Slobodan.

66. What’s your favorite take out food?: Indian.

67. In single words (not sentences) describe your personality: Friendly. Interested. Adventurous. Random. Clever. Funny. Enthusiastic. Conflicted. Guilt-ridden.

68. Name a few people you cant stand: John Howard.

69. When was the last time you laughed hysterically and why?: 'Come by feet'. Though I was at work in an open-plan office, so I didn't so much laugh hysterically as go all twitchy about the facial region for a few moments.

70. When was the last time you were scared and why?: The other night I managed to convince myself there were demons in my house. There weren't though - or at least not as far as I know.

71. How old are your grandparents?: My last remaining grandparent, my maternal grandmother, is 90.

72. What’s your nearest church called?: St. Leodegarius! I love it.

73. The last time you ate birthday cake?: Probably at Justin's b'day do at the end of January.

74. The last book you read?: Iris, by John Bayley. I liked it better than the film.

75. The next book you’re going to read?: I've just started Travelling with Che Guevara by Alberto Granado.

76. Do you have fantasies (Whether sexual or not, you tell me): Yes, constantly.

77. Who was the last person who showed you affection?: Mark, when he was leaving this morning.

78. What’s your favorite Shakespearean play?: I don't think my knowledge of Shakespeare is good enough to judge. Maybe Othello.

79. When you go into a bookshop, which section do you head for?: Travel or fiction.

80. When was the last time you were so overly annoyed, you wanted to scream blue murder: The other day at work, when I found out indirectly that my boss wasn't going to be here for something I've been arranging for a month. GAAAAAAAAH.

81. Who was the last person you spoke to through IM: alchemi. I'm not on IM much at the moment, as my network card is shagged.

82. What’s the date today?: 10/3/05

83. If you died, what song would you want to be played at your funeral?: I couldn't care less.
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