ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

1. I am going to Barcelona tomorrow and I CANNOT FIND MY PASSPORT. Grr, argh. It's not a complete disaster because I have my Australian one and can use that, but I'd rather not have to pay out for a visa. If you were my UK passport, where would you be?

2. Does anyone have any mp3 blogs that they would recommend? I'm looking in particular for ones that concentrate on music from a particular area (like Benn loco du taccu), or on totally random cool stuff that I'd never hear otherwise (like Aurgasm). As ever, recommendations for music in general would not go amiss. For some reason I am listening to a lot of hip-hop at the moment (I know, where did this come from? I am fascinated by, but I listen to just about anything (aside from my pervasive dislike of funk).

Oh my god, I just found Smithsonian Global Sound. Why has nobody told me about this before?

3. Have largely recovered from the mysterious vomiting bug, but stomach still feels dodgy, and has become insanely picky about what foods it wants. This is kind of good because it encourages involuntary weight-loss - today I was not even tempted by the array of cheesy baps wheeled in by the food trolley lady, and am instead snacking on apples, yoghurt, rye bread (mmm, rye bread! How I love you) and cream cheese. Still, I hope I recover by tomorrow, as I am fully intending to gorge myself on chorizo and paella in Barcelona.
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