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I'm baaa-aaack! Barcelona was absolutely lovely. We had perfect weather up until the day we left; two full days exploring Barcelona, seeing the Sagrada Familia and various other bits of modernist architecture and wandering around the gothic quarter and down Las Ramblas and the Miro museum in Montjuic, and then a day in Girona, which is not just that-town-near-Barcelona-that-Ryanair-flies-to, but actually a beautiful medieval town in its own right. We ate great food every night, and drank some fantastic wine, and all in all, hooray for Spain Catalonia, hooray!

And then this morning I had a meeting with my future boss, and I have a starting date for my new job HURRAH AT LONG FUCKING LAST. April 19th, which is not as soon as I would have liked (given that I applied for the job in DECEMBER) but whatever, at least it's happening. La la la, life is good.


I'm frustrated by writing at the moment (fiction-type writing, I mean). When I finished The Angel Makers I decided that the next project I attempted would be set in the here and now, because I was going back to full-time work and knew I wouldn't have time to do research. I even had a pretty good idea, but I've found my enthusiasm for it to be much less than it was for TAM; and I've finally come to the conclusion that, for now, the sort of stuff that I want to write is quirky historical fiction - I love the research, I love the escapism, and I love the imaginativeness and creativity required - while I enjoy reading novels set in the present day, I am not compelled to write them in the same way that I am with certain historical periods, which sometimes just click with me and excite me in a certain way. (Not that way, sickos.)

Which is all well and good, but it's also bloody frustrating; working full-time, I can find the time to write; I can just about find the time to research...but writing TAM, which was set in a very different world to the one I live in, required quite intense concentration of the sort that is developed and sustained over time, rather than switched on and off, and I just can't develop that level of concentrational intensity while being a productive worker-bee. Feh. I'm sure I'll figure something out (going back to part-time work might be the answer, but just isn't feasible in the short-term), but right now, it is annoying.

On a more positive note, though, I'm genuinely feeling quite ambivalent about the whole prospect of being published. It has been a bit of a struggle to get to this point - and I may well still backslide - but I have accepted that the chances of TAM being published are slim, and that's OK. My greatest worry when first trying to get published was that rejection from the publishing industry would destroy my confidence as a writer, but I'm very pleased to say that, although it's been knocked once or twice, it's always managed to get up again. I know I wrote a good book, one that has been enjoyed by many of my friends, one that is potentially publishable, and I will probably write plenty more - that's good enough for me. I can see a future for myself as a happy, unpublished writer, writing novels that I enjoy writing and sharing them with a few people who are interested, and that's OK.


Quick and dirty film rec: I saw Hukkle last night, and it was excellent. It scared the shit out of me when I first heard about it, because it is (very loosely) based on the same story as The Angel Makers, and I had an initial panic along the lines of 'my ideeeeeaaaaa! They stole my ideeeeeeaaaa!' (aside from the part where they totally didn't, as the film was made slightly before I started writing the book). But anyway. Fabulous, thoughtful, sensual film, with a great song over the closing credits - if it comes to your town, see it.


Orange juice:

with bits
without bits
don't care

Women: you are faced with a relatively clean-looking public toilet, and you need to wee. You:

sit directly on the seat
cover the seat with toilet paper, then sit
hover over the seat


What's your favourite song/piece of music at the moment? And do you want to send it to me via yousendit?

What are you wearing, hot stuff?

Ask me anything.

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