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ain't no Houellebecq girl

Huge thanks to doetja and listersgirl, who sent me music through yousendit! Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I'll let you know when I do, and I'll send you something back.

(For those of you who don't know: yousendit allows you to send files that are too big for email by storing them on their webspace for 7 days. Perfect for sending music.)

alltheleaves - yes, of course! Just let me know what email address I should send it to.

jeejeen - I considered it very briefly, but from all I've heard, it's actually a lot harder than it looks (that said, I did attempt a romance novel when I was about twelve, about an amnesiac countess or something, and I think it stands up well to the test of time). The thing is, though, I do actually enjoy my day job (by which I mean policy making, rather than my actual job at the moment), and have finally come to the conclusion that I'd rather do something like that to earn my living, than earn money through writing that doesn't excite or inspire me. Does that make sense?

steeraway - not really. I have written one or two in the past, and one might actually be a bit good, but it's just not my natural medium. I've been told that it's a good way to break into writing, but, as I said to jeejeen, above, I'm not desperate enough to earn my living through writing to force myself to write things I don't feel passionate about.

felinitykat - the weekend of the 10th! It's a friend's b'day do on the 10th, but I was planning to come down on the 9th to see people, and would love to meet up if you'll be around. Aside from that, I'll also be there on the 17th to watch a friend who's running the marathon, but that might all be a bit frantic.

davidfrazer - sadly we didn't make it as far as the Parc Guell. However, I did purchase a snowdome that has the funky mosaic lizard inside.

chiller - not at all! But I will pointedly link to yousendit and give you meaningful looks. *meaningful look*

doetja - answered in comments ;)

tres_faux - eBay?

stellanova - *blushes* If it's any help, I've never got past 50 pages before or indeed since! I think the thing that worked for me was that I'd gone part-time at work specifically to write the novel, and a lot of people knew what I was trying to do, which gave me a kind of outer motivation to finish it, so that I wouldn't have spent six months working part-time and emerged with nothing to show for it. It's a lot harder to motivate yourself without that sort of outside pressure.

dogofthefuture - sadly, no. But I'll keep an eye out for you, though I'm not sure how you'd take to Nottingham.

zoje_george - I don't really know: there are a lot of words that I love in their place, for what they convey, but it's harder to think of a word that I love in isolation. I do love the words 'zenith' and 'azimuth', just because of the sound of them.

whatifoundthere - yes, of course I do! I enjoy reading about teaching, and your students and of course your subject area, which is largely a complete blank to me. I admit that I am a bit of a shy commenter until I feel I know someone well; sorry.

majea - name your date! Except not the second, third or fourth weekends in April, as I will be in London/Bournemouth/Cambridge. But any time aside from that!

kellymarie - I'm waiting to hear! Sent the ms off a couple of weeks ago, stupidly forgot to include a s.a.e. but she has my email address so hopfully she'll get back to me through that. Hopes not particularly high given that she has already rejected me, but you never know - and if she rejects me again, I'll definitely go back to Jan to get more recommendations of people to approach. Thank you so much for putting me in touch with her - she has been so helpful and encouraging.

biascut - yes, please! I am free all day on both Saturday and Monday, and would love to see you. What day and time would be best for you?

ladyxoc - the book that means the most to me is The Last Magician by Janette Turner Hospital, but my love for it is a very personal thing rather than anything to do with the quality of the book, related to the particular time and space in which I read it. Other than that, though, I can never choose just one book - anything by Angela Carter, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, and An Intimate History of Humanity by Theodore Zeldin are all books that I keep coming back to again and again.

whatsagirlgotta - I don't know. :( You definitely deserve some good health karma, though!

silverclear - probably beef carpaccio with salt and parmesan and rocket, or maybe salmon sashimi. Yes, I love raw meat. Hard to believe I was vegetarian for several years, isn't it?

nefas - if I told you one here, it wouldn't be a secret! I'll see what I can do, though.

glitzfrau - YES! That would be FANTASTIC. Where? When? Who? Name your place and date, and I AM SO THERE.
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