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Warning: superlative-heavy entry

OMG I am so tired. My entire sleep quota over the weekend was about equal to the amount I normally like to get in a single night, and so I cam into work ridiculously late this morning and have been mainlining caffeine and am massively looking forward to going to bed tonight because I am OLD and cannot take the pace any more. BUT it was a brilliant weekend.

Friday night Mark came home from R*mpt*n and we went out for dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant, which involved great food and much wine-guzzling. Got home around 10.30, and Mark was a big wussball and went to bed, while I finished the wine that we'd opened on arriving home while chatting online to jinxremoving and zoje_george and um. Maybe someone else? I forget. Went to bed far later than I should have.

Got up at 9 the next morning to pack for London and collect my new external hard drive which I HAD to buy after filling up my hard drive with mp3s of variable legality, hurrah! Got the train to London, and met Jo for beer and lunch and also beer. Jo is one of the funniest people I know, and in some ways she is like a character in a ChickLit novel because she is 29 and single and is always having hilariously dodgy dates and one night stands, which all involve peculiar characters and bizarre coincidences BUT she is far more interesting than a character in a ChickLit novel because she a) is real and b) has a fantastic self-deprecating sense of humour. I really should see more of her.

Then hied myself to Charing Cross where I boarded a train for Catford to see chiller, who was looking rather marvellous in her bright blue coat and unbelievably soft scarf, and she whisked me back to her house which is all lovely and high ceilinged with the most wonderful bathroom I have ever seen in a private residence. Evenings with chiller tend to follow similar lines: we start of being all grown up and sensible, and she offers me a drink: 'tea, or coffee, or we could open the wine...?' And then we open the wine, and we drink some, and then we drink some more, and have some nibbles, and then some sort of delectable feast (in this case, a chicken casserole cooked with preserved lemons that were the Platonic ideal of lemoniness), and we drink and talk and talk and become evil and bitchy yet tremendously amusing, and sometimes music and the internets are involved, though the one unifying factor is generally wine. And then we look out of the window and suddenly it is DAYTIME again! Went to bed at 6am. Was brilliant.

Up at 9am (horrors!) because I was off to Spitalfields to meet felinitykat! Thankfully the weather had improved mightily, and we wandered around the market and bought excitingly stripy socks and fabulous giant bubble-making devices, and it was so good to meet her at last, as she was every bit as fun and kind and entertaining (and pretty) as I thought she would be. We even sat OUTSIDE a cafe, which was an encouragingly springlike experience. Then Kat went home to tend to her ManFlu-ridden boyfriend, and I met up with Tamara and we headed to my old house in Peckham, where Anne was having a belated birthday do.

Despite exhaustion and a little emotional incontinence, I had a pretty much perfect afternoon. Loads of my friends were there, the people who constitute the hub of my London social circle, including a woman I was at school with in Sydney, who I've not been in touch with for ten years, and who has drifted into this social circle entirely by chance - of all the people I've lost touch with since school, she's always been very high on the list of people I'd like to bump into, and she is FANTASTIC, living in London and training to become a chef - there were a couple of moments when we were catching up, sitting in the back garden, when we were like 'hey, LOOK at us! We turned out cool!' - which was what I always hoped would happen post-high-school. (bitzo, if you're reading, it's Clare H*yw*rd! How random is that?)

ANYWAY. There was food and drink and cake and beer and so many amazing people whom I love and who, amazingly enough, love me. And when it came to be time to leave to catch my 7.30 train back to Nottingham, Anne and Leda literally barricaded the door, and Garrett thrust a full glass of wine into my hand, and Richard and Clare phoned up National Rail to get later train times, and Angel just shouted at me that I was STAYING until I HAD stayed for long enough that I missed my train and had to get the 9pm one (which was the last one). By the time I got on the train I was feeling comprehensively awful, physically - I had hay fever for the first time EVER, and a headache from all the booze and the no sleep, and my Warning Tonsil was hurting (you know, the one that starts hurting when there has been Too Much Booze and Not Enough Sleep, to tell you that if you don't knock it off, it's going to make life very miserable for you), and I was feeling all nauseous from the consumption of Certain Substances, even though I don't consume Certain Substances any more, but someone just PASSED it to me and there was no one to pass them on to, and WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO, HMMM? So yes, I was feeling physically pants, but at the same time I was mildly euphoric about all the AMAZING PEOPLE who I spent time with this weekend, and how they are only a subset of all the AMAZING PEOPLE I know, who are, like, AMAZING, and what's more they are PREPARED TO HANG OUT WITH ME! Which is like EVEN MORE AMAZING.

At which point I passed out.

And Angela called and Sophie called and my parents called and Mark picked me up from the station and fed me sausages and lentils which were lovely even though I couldn't really eat them cause of the aforementioned nausea. And then I went to bed, which was the BEST THING EVER.


In other news, I think I may have mentioned that I bought a new external hard drive, purely to store my mp3s - which, I think, means that it's time I request music recommendations again, because it's been quite a while since I did it last (see here, where I also detail my musical tastes, and here, where there is a big ol' list of the recommendations I was given), and my f'list has expanded since then. So, OK:

Poll #472400 muuuuusic

Recommend me some music that I may not have heard! (Bands, artists, albums, songs all welcome.)

I'll post a list of the recommendations I have received in a couple of days.
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