ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

I don't THINK I'm premenstrual, and so it must just be that everyone is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING today. First I got annoyed with Stroppy Secretary at work, who got stroppy (I know! Who'd've thought it, with a name like that?) at me for something that was SO not my fault, and THEN I got annoyed with just about everyone in the swimming pool, especially the fully clothed men who sat by the edge of the pool and watched the swimmers (hello, not a spectator sport), and all the people who turned up to the aqua aerobics class fifteen minutes early and decided to get into the pool and just faff around, with total disregard for the hardcore lappers amongst us.

Then I went to choir, and ended up standing next to Irritating Tim the Male Alto again. He drives me absolutely insane, mainly because he keeps up a running commentary during the entire rehearsal, generally about the mistakes that he thinks the conductor and the other singers are making, and sometimes he has a point but HELLO this is an amateur choir and 75% of the singers are over retirement age and what do you fucking expect? Anyway, I suspect that Irritating Tim has something like Asperger's Syndrome and he just doesn't understand certain social cues, and everyone else in the choir manages to just smile vaguely when he yammers on at them rather than shrieking like a ninja and stabbing him in the ear with a pencil, so I am trying to emulate their tolerance, and I was actually doing OK for most of the rehearsal.


Paul, our director, started telling us an anecdote about a performance of the Messiah with which he was involved, and in one duet, the alto somehow ended up two beats behind and didn't have the musicianship to figure out how to catch up...

Paul: "And then, she..."
Annoying Tim: "HA! Trust it to be a FEMALE alto!"


He even said it twice, to make sure that everyone heard that piece of devastating wit. Bear in mind that he is the ONE MALE ALTO among 30 or so women, but everyone else just laughed or rolled their eyes indulgently, while I was SPLUTTERING WITH FURY. The only thing that stopped me from beating his head repeatedly off the flagstones was the fact that his mother is a soprano and I thought she'd probably have me arrested if I assaulted her son. BUT STILL. Normally I don't mind the fact that the vast majority of my choir is aged and Not Left Wing or Feminist, because let's face it, choir is one of my few forays out of the Happy Left-Wing Bubble in which I live. But tonight I did wish that there were at least one or two people who could share my outrage at 1. Annoying Tim's misogynist humour, and 2. the fact that everyone else seemed to find it totally acceptable.

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