ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Meme from daegaer:

1. Pick five six songs that most people would know.
2. Select lyrics of up to but not surpassing 150 words from each one.
3. Go to
4. Enter the lyrics thus:

English to German
German to French
French to Portugeuse
Portugeuse to English

5. Post the resultant gobbledegook and ask people to figure out what the songs are.

1. The current day will be the day, when it launches-the-rem of return to the vocês. Currently, it must have carried through in a way or another one that must make. I do not believe that each one in the way that I make now on believes. The back impact, the word is on the road that the fire in your heart is part. They know, vi that they moi-mêm ' never really had allbefore and a doubt. I do not believe that each one in the way that I make now on believes. Perhaps E will be to that me stores, and to fater is any my wall of miracle.


2. If it closes your eyes, gives to yours favori to me of hand can believe my Herzschlagen? they understand? they believe to exactly, or they are only dreaming me or they are this that a perpetual flame burning. I believe that me it is represented, to be, for favori, makes vocês attention, if it sleeps, understood with me it believes them it exactly, or is only dreaming me or are this that a perpetual flame burning said my name, the sun Shines for the one for rain, my complete life, comes therefore solitairement and then to pain they facilitate. It would not want to lose this feeling, OH -


3. The life is a secret to nominate must be only each one, understands me vocês, my name, and feels the house. If it nominates my name that is as a small conjunct, I am on my knees, would want to take them for low there. In the midnight hour, I can necessarily believe to your energy, that a conjunct that would want to take vocês there.


4. I did not treat them in such a way perhaps sufficiently, as me to have it would have. Perhaps I did not like necessarily thus frequent, as it could have. If I feel them it as place I formed well, it is so sad, it was invisual, it was you on my agreement, always continued you on my agreement. If it declares me, declares me that your soft love did not die gives another probability to have carried through them, vocês it was on my agreement, it always continued on my agreement


5. There to that sun ' ll to come tomorrow, bet part your inferior dollar that is tomorrow, the sun. Necessarily they suppress the spider nets and they think them of the mornings assure distant, until there it does not have none. If it will be adhered with one day, gray and more solitairement I the poles jousts my chin and Grinsen and legends - that they are sun ' ll, vocês to come of the mornings, therefore it has to hang above to the mornings, comes that it wants. Tomorrow tomorrow of the taste tomorrow, it continues during one day moved away.


6. All the efforts, seemed look at now it yesterday, as if they are here to remain, OH - so far distant that I believe inside yesterday. Me the half man that I kept, gives to be it a shade that came me, OH - presented yesterday, suddenly, he is not brusque. Because me, because it had to go vocês does not know, it would not say. It said scythes, now I much time slightly for yesterday. Yesterday such simple game was loves to dissimuler distant to play, now needs place, OH - that I believe inside yesterday.
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