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Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

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Happy birthday, felinitykat!
I have reached an uneasy truce with my pretty-but-painful new shoes: I can now wear them with socks with a minimum of pain and only a tiny bit of blistering, but I aspire to wear them without socks and I know that if I attempted that now they would flay my feet within minutes. These shoes are hard to tame, but I will have my way with them in the end: I am trying to strike terror into their anthropomorphic hearts by wearing them with my most fearsome of socks. Yesterday I wore one Che Guevara sock and one Chairman Mao sock, thinking that the combination of Communist Dictator and guerilla fighter would cow the shoes; today I am wearing skull and crossbones socks, and I hope this will do the trick, because by tomorrow I will only have rainbow striped socks left, and they are unlikely to scare anyone very much (aside from, perhaps, a very committed homophobe. And I don't want homophobic shoes).

SOCK POLL! A shoe poll would probably have been more interesting, but socks don't get enough attention, I think.

Matching socks are:

An integral part of an outfit, even if they're bot visible
Desirable, but unmatching socks are acceptable in a pinch
Totally unnecessary, unless the socks are a feature of the outfit
Something else, to be explained in comments

The perfect sock is:

Plain and workpersonlike
Pretty but unobtrusive
The weirder/brighter/cooler the better
Something else, to be described in comments

Tell me about your favourite socks:

And inspired by Helen La Glitz - when you think of me (if you think of me at all, *sniff*), do you think of me as:

Something else, to be explained in comments

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