January 16th, 2007


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Good things:

- made it to the shops and back barely limping! Am regenerative miracle, and will definitly make it in to work tomorrow. Hurrah.
- filled three bin bags full of clothes that I don't want any more, some of which can maybe even be sold on eBay, to ameliorate my state of tedious poverty. Awesome!

Bad things:

- got out lots of money from the bank because I don't have a replacement card yet, went into shop, bought thing, and then somehow LOST THE £15 CHANGE I WAS GIVEN, presumably due to putting it in my jeans pocket which is shallow and it falling out again. FFS. What the fvck is wrong with me? Will be pauper forever and deserve nothing less. I do actually go through phases like this every few years, where I have a run of very bad financial luck (generally attributable to my own idiocy), but it can stop now please.
- similarly, no one has handed in my wallet yet. Bastards.
- I am increasingly lardy and I can't go running because of my ankle and have seemingly no willpower because lunch today consisted of leftover Chinese, Monster Munch and a Bounty. ENOUGH.
- I have lost a signifcant amount of jewellery, which I can only assume to be a) still in my old house in Nottingham; b) mistakenly taken to Mark's house in Durham; c) somewhere in my room in a box that I've not yet unpacked, or d) LOST AND GONE FOREVER. Seriously, if you were my jewellery where would you be? There's some actually quite nice (and sentimentally valuable) stuff in there. Bah.
- oh god global warming is actually getting quite scary isn't it? And yet I never remember to uplug my phone charger when it's not being used. WHY GOD WHY.

Yes OK maybe I am a tiny bit premenstrual. SHUT UP.
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