January 17th, 2007



If you are one of the people fortunate enough to have received emails or texts from me, you will note that I tend to end them with x or xxx or xxxxx. NEVER with xx or xxxx. This is not just chance; it is because xx and xxxx actively creep me out, to the extent that I find them quite difficult to type and good GOD, there they are, up there, staring at me with their untrustworthy little eyes. I am generally uncomfortable with the numbers two and four, but I don't tend to brush up against them very much outside of the x context.

I had always vaguely assumed that other people had similarly idiosyncratic reasons for choosing the number of 'x's that they employ, but I have mentioned this to two people recently and both of them looked at me as if I was a big cracksmoking freak. So I am looking to LiveJournal for validation. I am not a big cracksmoking freak, am I?

I also strongly dislike the letters P and G (the latter being particularly unfortunate, as my last name contains two of them), and I'm not too keen on B either. It was pointed out to me that I seem to have some sort of hate against curvy letters, but then I am fine with C and D, and I actively like S, which is the curviest letter there is. Not too sure about R, though. It looks untrustworthy.

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention it. As you were.