January 19th, 2007


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Both of the tentative social plans that I made for today have fallen through, which is probably for the best, given my limited finances and the fact that I’ve been out the past two nights and am out the next two, AND of course it also means that I will get to go home and do some productive things like tidy my room and sort out clothes to go on eBay and yes all right maybe watch the Celebrity Big Brother eviction thing. I have been having a lot of thoughts about the racism scandal and the phenomenon of Big Brother and reality TV in general (partly inspired by whizzerandchips’s recent post on the matter, particularly the exchange between him and ultraruby halfway or so down the comments) and also ART in the wider sense, and the differences between high art and populist art (which is stuff I’ve sneakily been thinking about for a while, but kind of crystallised while reading fortuneandglory’s latest post [f’locked, sorry] and commenting on it) and it’s all amalgamated into a giant thought casserole, which is a slightly uncomfortable metaphor but I think I’ll stick with it.

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Oh rambly. And now I will get no comments because everyone has been sensible and GONE TO THE PUB, which I shall do post-haste.

My entire left leg hurts, presumably because I am walking on it weirdly due to my ankle. Being naturally robust of health, I am already VERY ANNOYED by my apparent weediness. HURRY UP AND HEAL, STUPID RECALCITRANT BODY-PART.