January 20th, 2007


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Last night I left a bag full of SOAS library books on the train.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Fool, fool! AND they were in my Love Peckham bag which I loved and waaaaaaah! I suppose there's a chance that someone might hand them in, because really, who is going to want a whole load of library books about Sudan? But still, gaaaaaaaah! What is wrong with me? I go through these phases every so often, most notably in 1997 (when I left two wallets containing vast amounts of cash on a bus within two weeks) and then 2001 (when I lost/broke three mobile phones and two cash cards within three weeks) so I suppose I was due for one, but HELLO I CANNOT AFFORD IT and WHEN AM I GOING TO GROW OUT OF THIS IDIOCY?

The end.