October 29th, 2007


Tech angst

So MOSTLY it was a good weekend.

However, at some point on Saturday evening, my external hard drive stopped working. A couple of months back I, erm, may have dropped it on a wooden floor. You know, a bit. Since then, it'd been making a slightly concerning chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk-a noise on start-up, but it had always started working eventually - not so on Saturday night, when both my and class_worrier's computers were unable to detect it. This morning I took it to PC World, who said that it is in fact irretrievably fvcked (those may not have been their exact words), and that the only way that I could salvage the data on it would be if I sent it away to a magician who could take it all apart and remove all the files with minuscule tweezers, at the cost of £700. Which, no.

It's not a COMPLETE disaster, as most of the stuff on there (PhD, novels, etc.) is also stored on my laptop and therefore safe. However, there is also 60gb of music that is not stored anywhere else, because my computer was like "fvck that, too much!". ARGH. This includes YEARS' worth of legal and illegal downloads, iTunes tracks, various things that people have sent me, copies of albums that I later got rid of in various moves because I'd ripped them to mp3, and, most traumatic of all, mp3s made from tapes that I got in markets in places like Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Sudan and Albania, and are therefore utterly irreplaceable. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH.

Still, all is not (completely) lost. Significant parts of that 60gb came directly from class_worrier's computer, and can be replaced that way. SOME of it's backed up on mp3 CDs (...I think); and there's also Soulseek. And also, perhaps most promisingly, about 35gb is on my iPod, including most of the stuff that would be hardest (or impossible) to replace. The question is, how do I get it off my iPod and onto my iTunes? This is something that I am very, very wary of trying myself, given that I have managed to wipe my entire iPod more than once, and if I did that again now it would be disastrous. HELP ME INTERBETS. How do I do this? It is possible, right?