ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

christly christ

went to pub with boss, had two large glasses of wine, am clearly total lightweight and/or wine is reacting with excessive lemsip consumption because ended up having in depth conversation about bisexuality HELLO WITH MY BOSS and also revelation that boss had been married before current wife which is total secret but it's ok as none of you know him. also long discursion on the fact that i am single and the fact that my boss thinks that this is sick and wrong, which, well, bless, and also proves yet again my astonishing non-single person-specific mojo. yes. I AM MIGHTY.

then came back to the office to find missed call on mobile - unidentified mobile number, clearly (CLEARLY) no one exciting, but still, a poll:

Poll #859597 WWYD?

Unidentified missed call mobile number:

Call them back and ask who the hell they are.
Text them some ridiculously convoluted text blah blah changed phones lost numbers who are you?
Do nothing.
It was me.

Tell me something SECRET.

ETA bingo_mcdingo OMG WHO? You cannot tease me this way. Someone from NCC?

Also, my spam filter keeps filtering out actual emails, and yet failed to spot as spam something with the subject line "butt". Thanks, yahoo.
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