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I have been instructed to make this livejournal post.

Glasgow is ace! It's full of Victorian buildings and nice cafes and really lovely xmas lights that look like the sky's full of stars and has been moved a lot closer. All of you people who scared me about the weather are wrong wrong wrong, as it's been mostly fairly mild and today was actually beautiful, with blue sky and everything, though I admit I was a little wide-eyed with horror last night while waiting for 45 minutes for a taxi with only my showy-offy leather coat between me and the clouds of swirly freezing rain.

Yesterday I went across to the east, to Haddington where I met up with jinxremoving and her Jay; we looked at a pair of alpacas in a farmers' market and then had lunch in a rather odd little cafe that didn't quite seem to know what it was doing. I'd done my usual thing over overscheduling myself and I'd got a late start and missed the bus I was supposed to get and so that I could spent longer than 20 minutes with Nine and Jay I ended up getting a minicab back to Edinburgh so that I could be on time for cangetmad and the Gnome, and then later hfnuala and Aisling, and we had a lovely relaxing afternoon with toddlers and babies in the cangetmad's lovely seaside palace.

And then today there was lunch with a great lofty cafe with circumlocute, and then latterly pisica, who wrangled buses in order to come and drink hot beverages with us. I've had three lovely taxi drivers in the past two days, and I keep befriending old people on buses, most spectacularly a whole busload of pensioners between Edinburgh and Haddinton yesterday, who all became intensely personally invested in getting me off at the right stop.

The bits in between the social engagements have been rather fabulous, too.


I've had a couple of conversations with people lately which have involved the use of animal metaphors to describe feelings or emotional states. Someone described themself as being "like a sad panda in a zoo," and someone else said they were "like an anaconda drowning in mud." As usual, this alchemised within my head to a LiveJournal poll.

Sum up your life using an animal-related metaphor:

Happy weekend, people.
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