ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Christ on a bike, SO much work, really shouldn't be here.

BUT: you know those library books that I lost, which haven't been handed in to lost property? I went to SOAS library yesterday and they informed me that I owe them 400 POUNDS, as their flat rate is £50 per book, unless you can provide an exact replacement. Panic panic, as that is £400 that I simply do not have. But 20 minutes on this morning and I had all of them for £103! Granted, that is still £103 that I don't have, but whatever. Effectively it's a clear saving of nearly £300! THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET, for serious.

Anyway. My whole 'be financially competent' resolution hasn't got off to a particularly good start, but I've decided that January 2007 is just an appendix to 2006, and the new year doesn't properly start until next month. AND I actually opened two bank statements yesterday morning, which is a big deal as I am phobic about them, so onwards and upwards, wahey!

All that aside, life feels very good and teh future looks bright at the moment. My novel's being published in 13 days (13 days!) and I have a workplan to finish Novel#2 by the end of June, and I had a BRILLIANT meeting with my interim supervisor yesterday where she described my work as a 'very promising start' and seemed really excited about my research (and actually I wish she could be my actual permanent supervisor), and I have plots and plans and all sorts of things. Hooray 2007.

The end.
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