ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Fvck me, this January is (largely) a load of sh1te, isn't it? So far this month:

- I lost my wallet, containing £55, all my cards, and my student Oyster card on which I'd just bought a monthly pass;
- I sprained my ankle, which is only just getting back to normal now (seriously, it only now starting to bruise and I hurt it over two weeks ago - what's up with that?);
- I left eight SOAS library books on the train, costing me £103 in replacements; and
- as of this morning, my laptop seems to have packed it in completely, taking with it all the work I've done on my PhD and novel since the end of November*.

Seriously, FFS. I'd been having a super-productive day, too; did loads of PhD work in the morning and tidieed my room and went for a run and then decided that I really really needed to hear 'I want you back' by the Jackson Five while I was getting dressed, but to plug in my external hard drive (where all my music is stored) I accidentally ended up unplugging my laptop which has virtually no battery life at all, and then half way through the song it started being all 'dude, plug me in, FFS' and as I fumbled about under the bed it was like 'hibernating now' and then I finally got it plugged in and then it WOULDN'T COME OUT OF HIBERNATION. Why oh why oh why?

Please can no one tell me off for not backing stuff up because yes, seriously, I KNOW, and even if I didn't I have learnt my lesson now. It's not nearly as bad as it could be because all my music and all my files from before the end of November are backed up on the external drive, and all my photos of my most recent trip are up on flickr, so yeah. I am still faintly hoping that it will magically come to life when I go home this evening, or even if not, that I am able to salvage something off the hard disk. In the meantime I would like someone to rub my head and tell me I'm great even though I'm clearly a COMPLETE FVCKING IDIOT.

The end!

OH AND I put a whole load of clothes on eBay in an attempt to bolster my feeble finances, and only two items sold! I am less annoyed about the lack of income as the seeming judgement on my sartorial tastes. Stupid eBay people. You don't know! Anyway, I shall be giving stuff away over LJ over the next few days, and anything that is not claimed will be going to the local charity shop.

Luckily I have just had a nice lunch with wine and I am going out for drinks this evening which will cheer me up.

Really the end this time.

*Thankfully not all that much. My slackitude is good for something, sometimes.
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