ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Last night chiller looked sternly at my computer, took out the battery, put it back in, and LO it blazed forth with a very loud chorus of 'I want you back'. Hurrah! I think it's pretty much on its last legs but at least I've got the opportunity to salvage things off it now.

This month hasn't really been that bad, you know. Aside from all that stuff detailed in the last post, there's also been Turkey, and a really quite fabulously lovely weekend in Glasgow, and plenty of great nights out with my friends, and in general I've been feeling a lot saner than I was towards the end of last year, largely because going part-time has reduced my workload. And I sold my book rights to Holland and had a lovely meeting with my new supervisor, and yes. But still, I shall be glad when this month's over.

Anyway! Want any of my clothes?

Basically I just want to get rid of this stuff, and if no one wants it it'll go straight to a charity shop, so yeah. First come first served (not that I expect there to be a massive rush on any of this, obv; I've been traumatised after those eBay bastards rejected it). I am poor and can't afford masses of postage so I'd prefer to give it things to people in person, but if you really want something and are far away, we can probably sort something out.

Big woolly hippie cardigan, barely worn, metal zip. Free size. Claimed by offensive_mango

Sort of cowgirly style shirt, plastic pearly buttons, blue with white piping. Claims to be a size 14 and it fits me fine across the bust (and I'm fairly well-endowed) but I have difficulty getting it on over my gargantuan upper arms. Claimed by whatsagirlgotta

Vintage suede and acrylic top. Aw, I do rather love this, it was such a great find but I haven't worn it in years and I'm unlikely to. Would fit a size 12 - 14.

Full-length goldy-browny satiny skirt (though not satin), size 14. There is a tiny hole down near the hem from being caught on boot hooks, but it's not noticeable. Claimed by offensive_mango

Hot pink Spase wide-leg cords, size 14. Claimed by kasku

Long-sleeved beige cotton top with flower applique design thing, size 14.

Close-up of the applique flower thing.

ke leather short coat/jacket thing, Ann Taylor, fully lined, double breasted. Size 14. Claimed by pisica

Black dress with sparkly silver design from Dorothy Perkins, size 14. Really pretty, floaty outerlayer, fully lined, comes down to just above the knee on me (I'm 5'8). Tiny rip near the hem of the outer layer.

Black mesh shirty/cardigany thing, size 14. Claimed by offensive_mango

Pretty pink crossover style top. Size 14. Claimed by offensive_mango

Ha - worn to one gig and never worn again. Cotton, from Urban Ouitfitters, size M. Fits me (as a busty 14) but is pretty tight. Claimed by jossish

Grey Rip Curt skirt, size 14, with blue butterfly motif - zip at the waist and drawstring, pockets at the front. Claimed my my_mundane_life

Cream cotton combat-style trousers. Fit me, but maybe better on a size 12. Claimed by my_mundane_life

Silk patterned knee-length skirt originally from the Gap (but I bought it second hand! Don't judge me!). Size 14. Claimed by ozgirlabroad

Big red woolly jumper. Size 16. I think it's a wool/acrylic mix. Claimed by mollydot

Fancy schmancy black evening dress, mix of mesh and that bouncy knit-style material. Slit to the knee on both sides. Size 14.

Vintage 70s flared jeans, probably best on a size 12, rather long in the leg. Claimed by sinsense

So yes, comment if you want any of it! Anything not claimed by the end of the week is going to charity.
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