ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

The Malfoy's Dad Wars of 2007 are escalating, and I may have to move out. Next thing I know there are going to be little velvet bows left by the sink and I'll be constantly carrying a sick bag.

Both getting dressed in our respective bedrooms, the following conversation was shouted across the hallway.

chiller (gloating): HA ha! LiveJournal agrees with me! I'm right! Malfoy's Dad is hot!
yiskah: Actually, I think you're kind of right - he would be into all sorts of wronge things in bed.
chiller: See? SEE?!
yiskah: But not the GOOD kind of wronge. He'd be, like, I want you to fellate that house elf in front of me.
chiller: *peals of laughter*
chiller: *more peals of laughter*
chiller: That is the funniest thing that ANYONE has ever said!
yiskah: But I'm RIGHT.
chiller: Yes. Yes, you are.
chiller: But really, wouldn't you fellate a house elf for someone? Say if Tom really wanted you -
yiskah: NO!
chiller: ...But if it really turned him on -
yiskah: NO!

I've just showered, but I don't feel clean.


yiskah: I can't BELIEVE you would fellate a house elf.
chiller: ...but it wouldn't just be that. There'd be all SORTS of debasements...
yiskah: Yeah, but none of them'd involve him doing anything! He'd be like, here, fuck this satyr!
chiller: *dreamy, faraway look in eyes*
yiskah: Oh yeah, but you'd totally do that too.
Tags: malfoy's dad
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