ain't no Houellebecq girl (yiskah) wrote,
ain't no Houellebecq girl

Oy, the constant drama of job applications. Issue that I've run into a few times in my job search: organisations offering two jobs in the same general area, but one with 'officer' in the title and one with 'manager' in the title. I'm generally slightly underqualified/underexperienced for the 'manager' one, and overqualified for the 'officer' one (NB therealjo, I'm not talking about the OTS jobs - I'm definitely on the 'officer' side there), and I'm never sure which one I should apply for (yes of course I could apply to both, but these applications generally take at least a couple of hours, and I also have a job, a PhD, a novel and a social life I'm working on, so, no). Anyway, what would you do?

Which one?

Go for the lower one and hope they'll consider you for the higher one if there aren't enough qualified applicants
Go for the higher one and hope they'll consider you for the lower one if you don't get shortlisted for the higher one
Both, because job applications are FUN and EASY and there's not anything else you'd rather be doing, right? RIGHT?
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